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Sri Lanka

My first Asia trip was to Sri Lanka. I decided to go "in the footsteps" of Arthur C. Clarke (not only sci-fi writer, but also inventor of a satellite communication system). Clarke's book "The Fountains of Paradise" describes Sri Lanka (even it's not directly written in the book) with its unique areas like Sigiriya, Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) or Taprobane.

Sri Lanka is a small country, few hundred miles far from the equator with size as big as Czechia. On this relatively small island, there are long beaches with warm oceans, jungle with national parks and mountains with colder weather where you can still find on top of more than 2000meters high peaks exotic flora.

The gallery here is designed into individual days. I probably had some idea to write something about every day ... well that idea clearly faded away and that's it for the writing part :).