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  • Iceland

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    Beyond the Arctic Circle vol.II

      A little longer trip (compared to Tromso in Norway) to the Iceland in Feb. of 2016. The "lucky three" group explored most of the west and south coast of the Iceland. We spent the first week at friendly and welcoming family who run the Erpsstadir farm. We experienced Aurora Borealis the very first night on Iceland in the warmth of hot-tube which was part of our cottage :) Our western adventures continued to Hvitserkur (where we managed to stuck in snowy and steep road with our "intelligent" 4x4 car :), Snaefellsness, etc.

      In the south of Iceland we visited well known waterfalls, black beaches, Vík and of course the glacier lagoon - Jokulsárlón. Taking photographs at Dakota wreck had some kind of mystic atmosphere, because we no longer trusted our 4x4, so we were going there alone in the night through icy fields with Aurora Borealis dancing around the northern horizon.

      Travelling route: Berlin - Reykjavik - Erpsstadir (Hvitserkur, Snaefellsness, Hraunfossar, ...) - Dyrholaey (Skogafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Bruarfoss, Jokulsarlon, ...) - Reykjavik - Berlin.

  • Portrait

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  • Norway - Tromsø

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    Beyond the Arctic Circle

      A short air-road trip to the northern Tromsø during spring of 2015. We were lucky to see the last northern lights due to upcoming polar day. During the day there was snowing, raining then windy and cloudy and sometimes even sunny weather.

    Travelling route: Tromsø - Aurora lodge - surroundings (Sømmaroy, Tromvik, Grøtfjord) - Tromsø.

  • Rovinj RedBull Air Race

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    Rovinj 2015 - RedBull Air Race

      The trip to Rovinj, where the RedBull Air Race was held, was re-planned to moto-trip instead of sharing the comfort of a car. The machine which whisked me there and back again is 13 years old travelling 650ccm engine with two wheels, some plastic parts around and three cases for necessary staff (photography things mainly :)

    The city of Trieste greeted me with dozens of scooter-girls and scooter-boys almost like in Vietnam (also the same friendly tolerance on the road which we unfortunately lack here in CZ). Rovinj on the other hand is a small Venice-type village when compared to Trieste. The way back was gas-station-to-gas-station experience with longer stop near the Linc and after more than 13hours I was back home.

    Travelling route: Prague - Aljazev Dom (Slovenia) - Trieste (Italy) - Rovinj (Croatia) - Prague.

  • Vietnam

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    Vietnam 2014

      20 days of travelling in Vietnam from northern Hanoi to warm and sunny Saigon. Temperatures during travelling were freezing cold (around 0C in SaPa) to warm and hot in Dalat, Mui Ne and Saigon. In Sapa I met my friend when she had already travelled half of the well known circle (Cambodia nad Laos).

    Vietnamese like bright colors (a lot) :). We only used buses to travel long distances in Vietnam (longest ride took 19h), for short distances we could always hire some motorbike from locals (but not so in Danang, we used some "mama motorbikes ltd" ... well probably not ltd :).

    The cave (or you can say also "dong") Trung Trang was closed, but we managed to go around locked doors and we were for a moment not only tourists, but also tour guides! I think the most amazing city in Vietnam is Danang. It's modern, living, clean, it has broad streets, on the south there are Marble Mountains and on the east there is blue sea with beaches and green peninsula ...

    Travelling route: Hanoi - Moc Chau - Son La - Sa Pa - Cat Ba - Hue - Danang - Dalat - Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).


  • Helgoland

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    Helgoland, Cuxhaven

      Weekend trip to the North Sea and the German islands called Helgoland and Dune (which is smaller one, but it is the one with seals, which we mainly photographed :). The islands are about 2-4 hours (depending which boat you choose) far from small town Cuxhaven. Boats are unable to land directly in Helgoland's tiny harbor, so we had to get into smaller boats first to get to the island.

    Travelling route: Cuxhaven - Helgoland - Dune - Helgoland - Cuxhaven - Bremerhaven - Wilhelmshaven.

  • Florida, U.S.

    60 photos

    South Florida

      Short five-days long trip around Orlando, Miami, Key West and Everglades. I couldn't miss KSC and a bus tour around the Cape Canaveral's rocket launchpads. The Key West is a bit touristy, but inland route from Everglades to Orlando was truly off the beaten path experience with aligators, hawks and jungle hundreds of miles around the route with minimal traffic.

    Travelling route: Orlando - Kennedy Space Center - Miami - Key Biscayne - Key West - Everglades - Orlando.

  • Alps

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    Around the Alps

      Because there are so many trips to different Alpine regions, I decided to clean up and put them together here in this category :)

  • Giant Mountains

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  • Bohemian Paradise

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  • Ore Mountains

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  • Sri Lanka

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    Sri Lanka

    My first Asia trip was to Sri Lanka. I decided to go "in the footsteps" of Arthur C. Clarke (not only sci-fi writer, but also inventor of a satellite communication system). Clarke's book "The Fountains of Paradise" describes Sri Lanka (even it's not directly written in the book) with its unique areas like Sigiriya, Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) or Taprobane.

    Sri Lanka is a small country, few hundred miles far from the equator with size as big as Czechia. On this relatively small island, there are long beaches with warm oceans, jungle with national parks and mountains with colder weather where you can still find on top of more than 2000meters high peaks exotic flora.

    The gallery here is designed into individual days. I probably had some idea to write something about every day ... well that idea clearly faded away and that's it for the writing part :).


  • Nonnenfelsen

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  • o.s.

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  • Orlík, Zvíkov

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  • Astronomy

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